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Monthly Archives: August 2007

The Washington Post is reporting that the FTA has said the costs for the new Silver Line extension to Wiehle Avenue comes in at several hundred million dollars more than the state has estimated. This puts the project in peril, as it exceeds the federal cost efficiency levels. State officials are wary of reducing stations, due to a reduction in projected ridership, which too would affect federal funding. There has been talk of removing a new park and ride structure at the Wiehle Avenue stop, among other cost cutting ideas.

This is particular dishearting, because Tysons Corner without rail will probably remain the same it is today. But even if this proposal does fail (which it might not), it seems they could make Tysons Westpark into more of a transit hub, and have a Tysons Circulator, which would be modeled on the DC Circulator.

Most of the work occurring this month in terms of news, is closed door. Once the comities, companies, and people working on this are satisfied more information will be coming. The website is still up, and being maintained. Hopefully they’ll be some more developments on the building front, of which I’ll be sure to alert you to.