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In more bad news for the Silver Line extension it appears that the FTA won’t be willing to fund it’s one fifth of the projects cost. Here’s what NBC4 Says:

“If we had to make a decision today, today the project does not meet the requirements necessary to advance it,” Simpson said. “This is something we do with other grantees, as well. We give them the opportunity to go back, to take a look at our findings and then to meet with us once again.”

Simpson said his office is worried about the project’s cost-effectiveness and how the airports authority will come up with the rest of the money for it. He also cited uncertainties about Metro’s ability to pay for the upkeep of the entire rail system, citing their current problems prior to the proposed 23-mile extension.

A project must have medium or high justification rating from the FTA, the Silver Line received medium-low. Without federal funding, Jim Dinegar, from the Greater Washington Board of Trade, says “If this project is not approved, it’s dead.” Several contracts from this project expire on Febraury 1st, so there is no time to reevalute the project.

The Silver Line has met all the requirements of the FTA, including slashing $300 million from the cost, and running it above ground, yet approval will probably be denied.

Hopefully local officials would put the project back in the Dulles Toll Road right of way, saving possibly hundreds of millions of dollars. Plans for an urban Tysons would be slowed significantly if this project fails.


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