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Zoning maps have been released by the Tysons Corner Planning group. Dark red indicates a FAR (floor to area ratio) of 3.5 to 5.0. Dark orange/red indicates a far of 3.0. Orange indicates FAR of 2.5. Light orange represents 2.0. Yellow indicates a far below 1.99.

I personally favor option 2, but knowing Fairfax County, they’ll probably present an option #3 that is between numbers 1 and 2. Option number 2 while it looks nice to me and others that believe strongly in transit oriented development and more traditional urban development. But lets face it, option 2 is designed to scare the NIMBYs into taking option #1.

JBG Retail has plans to replace the current Cadillac car dealership with a mixed used project. It will include an office tower, condo/apartment tower, and retail. The project will be built in phases, according to the density increases that the property will receive when a full funding agreement is signed for the Silver Line. The project will be across the street from the Tysons West station.


Tysons Promenade photos from JBG.

MRP plans to build a 500,000 square foot office tower. Many details are yet to be released, such as height and exact location. But the so called Tysons Tower project will be bold. It also sits at prime location, an area that the county plans to build HOT lanes. But MRP bought the eight acres of land for $50,000,000.

MRP Realty is a secretive real estate company with the goal of developing “Office and mixed use towers.” The plot of land is on Jones Branch road, near to one of the future Metro stations. Ground breaking will be begin in quarter three.

Tysons Corner Center plans to add 8 towers off offices, condos, apartments, and hotels, in vacant land and parking lots surrounding the mall. Here are some photos courtesy of the developer Macerich.