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Category Archives: Civil Services

With the expected increase of jobs and people, plus a 24/7 environment, many key services to Tysons will have to be upgraded.

In a recent report, the fire department says their existing fire station will have to be upgraded. And depending on how many new people (jobs and residences) are created up to two more fire stations may be required. A new police station will be needed, but police have said they’re willing to work inside of a new fire department facility. These new facilities may be suburban, if they are they will be located on the fringe of Tysons.

Most likely no new schools (maybe a new elementary) will be constructed, but surrounding schools will have to be upgraded.  A local library will be built in a street level situation, the new building will be either 10,000, or 17,000 sqaure feet.

Sewage and electricity will need to be upgraded. Washington DC will be required to sign off on a new contract for sewage capacity, and there might some resistance as Tysons might be viewed as a threat by some in DC.  Electricty capaicty will have to be doubled. Water supply will not be significantly affected by new development.