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These pictures are from Fairfax County, and/or the Dulles Corridor Rail Association.


This plan is the most similar to Arlington County’s Rosslyn-Balston corridor. It also makes the most sense to me, because commuters will walk the least, while the people who live their will walk farther. The orange circles are residential, anchored by retail, while the blue circles are mostly office/retail space.

This option would spread high density development the furtherest throughout Tysons, by allowing for a circulatory style bus system. Besides having dense development in the TOD’s it would also be built along the bus route. While in terms of spreading high density development it would be nice, I’m not sure if many would use the circulatory system.

The main street idea is basically Transit Oriented Development without the transit, but the green space idea is defiantly a winner.


Street map of the route of the Silver Line.


Proposed street grid for Tysons Corner, including zoning.